Press Releases for Odinsdagrting [ODNDT].

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monthly Statement, October 2010

I can happily say that sales topped the one billion mark last month, at 1,339,713,798.47 ISK. It was actually our fourth biggest month. Since our return on investment was only 62.52%, our fourth lowest, our good sales are more brute force than efficient working.

Our dividend also climbed to 25,356.40 ISK per share. This is more respectable, but still half of where I would like it to be.

We have picked up a new Gull Gaeta, and the Jarl Occult has stepped up production. Our Gull Gaetas for Dodixie and Jita remain idled. Getting them back would be a huge boost to our sales.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Odinsdagrting is Hiring

Odinsdagrting is looking to expand again, and we have several opportunities. I invite anyone that is interested to check out our job postings. Check back regularly as I will continue to post openings over the next few days as I confirm that they are available.

If anyone is interested, please contact me via the forums, via an Eve Mail, or via GMail.

Monthly Statement, September 2010

September was a horrible month with gross sales of 779,281,623.75 ISK, the lowest since November 2009. This resulted in a dividend of 15,601.61 ISK per common share (156.02 ISK per BSACSE share).

The September, return-to-school, season took a tool on our operations. While we did see some drop in activity in most members, the most dramatic was with our Jarl Esoteric who also runs sales out of Jita. To compensate for such things in the future, we will be looking to expand our sales staff.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Odinsdagrting is Listed

Odinsdagrting has been listed on the BSAC Stock Exchange. I do want to point out that a share at the BSACSE is 1/100 of a common voting share. Please, keep that in mind, when reading reports on dividends. Anyone listing ODNDT shares to sell on BSACSE will have 100 shares within the stock exchange for every actual share they register to sell.

I have sold 739 of my own shares on this exchange now (which converted to 73,900 shares within the stock exchange). This brings my stake in Odinsdagrting down to one share shy of 50%.

There are no plans to issue any more shares. But I do encourage anyone who has shares and wants to sell them, to use this venue.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


In an effort to improve communications, I have set up a few channels and am aiming to let everyone know what I'm planning with Odinsdagrting.


In the Neocom, there is now a ODNDT Shareholders channel. This is restricted to current shareholders. If you can not access this channel, but should be able to, please contact me.

There is also a ODNDT Public channel. This is really just a way to get in touch with me when I'm online.

Mailing Lists

In Eve Mail there is an ODNDT Shareholders and a ODNDT Announcements mailing lists. These are not restricted in membership. The first one will likely be limited not to information for shareholders, but information for those that are interested in becoming shareholders, or are just interested in following the corporation's finances.

The second one will likely become an echo of what is posted to this blog.


I invite everyone to our corporate forums. There is a special section just for shareholders. As I notice shareholders register, I will grant them access to the shareholder forum. If I over look someone, please let me know.

I also invite everyone to the Low Sec Forums. They are the official home of the United Trade Syndicate alliance, to which Odinsdagrting belongs, and a forum dedicated to low sec.


This blog is dedicated to the corporation. I do maintain a personal blog and Twitter presence.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Monthly Statement, August 2010

This is our first month with our new capital. We have started to spin up our Amarr/Occult division, and we have seen the first sales from our Caldari/Esoteric division. And sales this month were the biggest we've ever had.

Things are running smoothly, and I hope that September will see sales as strong as we have had this month. I hope that by the end of September, we will have all of the Incognito, Esoteric, and Occult T1 rigs covered, and be selling most of the T2 rigs.

Total sales for August topped 1.6 Billion ISK, making it our single highest month. Total profits from sales was 778,718,667.89. This was split giving a total dividend of 196,535,913.40, or 26,776.01 ISK per share.

The book value of the stock is now at 1,001,724.07 ISK, meaning the return was 2.7%. This is the lowest dividend in terms of ratio to book value, but at the end of our first month with our new capital and we still have 2,661,929,860.20 ISK in reserves that have not been tasked and another 388,996,250.00 ISK in the newly formed Occult division.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Odinsdagrting Forums

Odinsdagrting has opened its own forums. This truly focused at corp members, alliance mates, and shareholders, but there is a general forum for anyone wishing to strike up a conversation with any of us.

Monthly statements and other major announcements will still be made here.

Monday, August 9, 2010

An Interesting Bug

When looking at the corporate information for Odinsdagrting, it says there are 4,140 shares. In all actuality, there are 7,340 shares. That is confirmed when I look at the the corporate wallet. Not only can I see all the shares, I can see who holds them.

4,140 is merely the number of shares that were created recently.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monthly Statement, July 2010

This is the first month of contraction, with the corporation losing 920,845.47 ISK. Since the corporation should've grown by 134,787,808.00 ISK, this represents a total loss of 135,708,653.47 ISK.

Inventions did not go well, overall, during July. They resulted in a total loss of 108,359,713.91 ISK. Among the failed jobs were nine attempts to invent Hulk BPCs. Together, they totaled a loss of 163,481,664.96 ISK. That means that the inventions done outside of this were actually profitable.

The loss in inventions does not cover the entire shortfall. That leaves an unaccounted shortfall of 27,348,939.56 ISK.

We opened a new office this month (actually three, two of which we closed). This was 12,370,269.00 ISK in expenses that were not planned on last month's balance sheet and reflect as a loss on this month's.

After all of this, we still have 14,978,670.56 ISK unaccounted for. I am tightening the wallet, but I simply need better tools.

July saw our public stock offering. That actually consumed quite a bit of my time. While I did get to look over such tools as Eve Commander, I really didn't get to dive into a good solution.

I also didn't get to keep production in my division on the pace that I would've liked to. That led to sales not being as strong as I would've liked.

One of our new Gull Gaetas has been unavailable, yet, to begin posting sale orders in his region. The previous Gull Gaeta for that region pulled out, meaning we lost a region this month.

We also had a couple of war declarations this month. While we had no corporate losses, we did have a Gull Geata temporarily leave the corporation. His orders were canceled when he left. That region was not served for nearly two weeks. He has returned, and his orders have been reposted.

While sales were not as strong as I think they could've been, they did cross the billion ISK mark at 1,083,037,584.55 ISK in gross sales. Our net sales was actually quite handsome at 523,143,660.68 ISK.

This lead to a dividend of 42,121.19 ISK per share. While I don't consider that horrible, it is the lowest dividend we have had. Mind you, this was not the worst sales month we've had, but it is the slowest month we've had with our new commission structure.

I will go ahead and put out a warning for August. It will not be as strong a month as I will like. The new capital will be on the books, but we won't be able to apply it all by the end of the month. Since our new Caldari/Esoteric division is coming online this week, I do expect our sales to be stronger in August than they were in July. However, I don't expect them to grow at the same rate that the company will with this huge infusion of capital.

I hope that we can return to somewhere around 50,000.00 ISK per share dividends by the end of October.

The total company value at the close of July is 3,139,980,906.89 ISK. The current book value of a single share in the company is 981,244.03 ISK.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Odinsdagrting Prospectus

This is the first draft of a partial company prospectus. Documents such as this really shouldn't live in a blog. As soon as I get something more suitable online, I'll move it there.

In the mean time, enjoy.

Summary of Odinsdagrting

Odinsdagrting is a Minmatar/Gallente friendly, publicly-traded, capsuleer corporation. Odinsdagrting currently builds Tech 1 and Tech 2 Gallente rigs, frigates, destroyers, and cruisers. We are in the process of establishing a Gallente and Amarr division. We hope to establish an Minmatar division, too.


Odinsdagrting means, roughly, Wednesday Group. This corporation was formed with Marten Scholen, Tuxtoo, and Fyllyn Dywn. It was formed with former college roommates that I routinely see on Wednesday evenings.

The idea for the corporation itself was one I had since my last publicly-traded venture, Prydwen Technologies Group. This was started in the hopes to getting my friends interested in the Capsuleer lifestyle. Regrettably, it didn't take for them.

I remain around as the remaining initial investor in Odinsdagrting. We have moved from our original home in Alf, Metropolis to Yona, Essence to be closer to the rest of our new alliance, United Trade Syndicate.

Odinsdagrting is now worth just over 3 Billion ISK. It has nearly doubled in size from its initial capitalization of 1.6 Billion ISK. Odinsdagrting remains focused on building Tech 1 and Tech 2 rigs, expanding into frigate, destroyers, and cruisers. In addition to expanding into all four races, we hope to expand into industrials, battlecruisers, barges, and battleships.

Corporate Structure

It is my intention to always maintain a simple majority of stake in the corporation. Having that majority does give me the ability to force through any outcome that I wish in a corporate vote. It is my desire, however, to only use this power in votes that affect the protection of corporate assets, such as blueprint lock downs.

As the corporation continues to grow, I wish to put major purchases to a vote for the stock holders. In these votes, I will abstain.


There are three positions within the corporation

  • CEO

  • Jarl: The Jarls are the chief producers in a given division.

  • Gull Gaeta: Gull Gaetas are the sales associates.

There is nothing that keeps anyone from holding more than one position. I, the CEO, am the Incognito Jarl and Gull Gaeta for Essence. Each of the corporations two other Jarls are also Gull Gaetas for the regions they are based in.


  • Sales: This wallet is the corporate wallet that the Gull Gaetas use to post sell orders. I routinely prune this wallet.

  • Incognito Production: This is currently the only active production division, being run by myself. It is focused on Gallente/Incognito manufacturing and invention.

  • Esoteric Production: This is our newest production division. It will be focused on Caldari/Esoteric production. It is currently being staged by the Esoteric Jarl Nara Wolf.

  • Occult Production: This is our next planned production division. It will be focused on Amarr/Occult production. We have not, yet, even established an office for this division. It will be run by Occult Jarl Lucius Cethion.

Business Plan

Odinsdagrting is focused on manufacturing and selling. We currently focus on Tech 1 and Tech 2 rig manufacturing and invention, currently focusing on Gallente/Incognito rigs. We have expanded in Gallente frigates, destroyers, and cruisers.

Odinsdagrting has acquired the Blueprint Originals for our first Gallente battlecruiser, a limited selection of Gallente industrials (those that have a Tech 2 variant), and all Caldari/Esoteric rigs. We are in the process of establishing the infrastructure to bring these items to market.

Odinsdagrting has plans on expanding into Amarr/Occult rigs and ships, as well as expanding into the complete line of battlecruisers.

Odinsdagrting has a network of sales associates, the Gull Gaetas. This division of regions allows sellers to focus on their own region, without being forced to travel to keep tabs on several regions. This network allows us to easily move stock to several markets.

Odinsdagrting purchases all raw materials from the market or from the spoils of private ventures of corporate members at market prices. Over the three months of April, May, and June 2010, the corporation averaged an 84% return on the manufactured goods it sold.


Odinsdagrting currently has 693,202,660.00 ISK in BPOs and 47,211,703.90 ISK in data interfaces. Over April, May, and June 2010, the corporation has had an average of 323,700,533.45 ISK in Tech 2 BPCs, 184,232,288.43 ISK in invention consumables, 1,175,583,748.59 ISK in manufacturing consumables, and 884,452,897.37 ISK in inventory for sell.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Odinsdagrting is Expanding

Odinsdagrting has opened the first of two new production offices. This new office will focus on Caldari/Esoteric production and be lead by Jarl Nara Wolf, Gull Gaeta for Jita.

It may still take a few weeks before the new office is spun up completely, but I am excited about this. The capital from this stock offering will be used to fund our planned Amarr/Occult office to be led by Jarl Lucius Cethion, Gull Gaeta for Tash-Murkon Prime.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Public Stock Offering

Odinsdagrting currently has 3,200 shares of stock with a par value of 500,000.00 ISK. The company has a book value of 3,140,901,752.36, giving each share a book value of 981,531.80. Since there are not active public stock markets in New Eden, there is no clear market value of the stock.

The corporation pays dividends each month equal to 25% of the profit from sales. Since the corporation went public in October 2009, the corporation has paid a total of 648,078.89 in dividends per share.

This means, that any individuals who purchased any of the original 3,200 shares of stock at 500,000 ISK and held on to them, have made back 130% of their original investment and now hold stock with a book value 96% greater than before. The QEN actually shows minor deflation of the same period.

The corporation is offering a second, and final, stock offering. Odinsdagrting will offer up to 4,100 shares of stock to the public at 1,000,000.00 ISK per share. These potential 4,100 shares are in addition to the 3,200 shares already being held and 1,300 shares committed to be sold already during this issuance.

Anyone interested in purchasing stock, please contact me. Please, do not send any money. Just let me know how many shares you would like.

The purchase period will be three weeks. The actual shares will be issued on 2 August 2010. At that time, those that pledged offers to purchase stock will be contacted and arrangements made.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monthly Statement, June 2010

The Good

June saw a gains in hiring. I am now no longer advertising for hiring as I bring the four new Gull Gaeta up to speed.

The boon of this was a rally in corporate sales. We closed June with 1,129,515,745.08 ISK in sales, a lot of that in Tech 2 sales, meaning the return on investment dollars rose to 79.47%.

After paying out 272,676,424.61 ISK in commissions, and 189,706,880.00 ISK in dividends (59,283.40 ISK per share, or 11.86% of par value), the corporation netted 379,413,748.32 ISK.

The Bad

I've been dreading publishing this statement. The good news is very good, but at the end of the month, the bad news is just worse.

The corporation only grew by 1.75%. Given the strength of the sales, I would've expected a growth of 12.29%. The corporation is 326,450,073.90 ISK shy of that.

I've started cutting into the profit margins of sales to compensate for broker's fees and sales tax. The problem is, we have over one billion ISK in inventory. A lot of that is posted in sales orders. The broker's fees for that haven't been taken into consideration.

I've also purchased some researched BPOs. While I pay extra for these, I only count the base price of the BPO when calculating the value of corporate assets. As a result, there is some loss when those purchases are written down to base prices.

The What I'm Too Busy To Do

I have several spreadsheets that I use to run the corporation. They are getting cumbersome and are slowing me down. They are also unable to track everything, and so the corporation has leaks. I want to put together a solid PHP application that will let me track build orders and sales inventories and will interface with the Eve API.

Regrettably, I'm too busy keeping things running to build stuff to make things run smoother. Sometimes I feel like I'm too busy making money to spend it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

United Trade Syndicate Under Declaration of War

CONCORD announced today that capsuleer corporation Deaths Right Hand has filed for a Declaration of War against the alliance to which Odinsdagrting belongs, United Trade Syndicate [TRAMP]. CONCORD will sanction hostilities shortly after 10:00 on 28 June.

We do not anticipate this having an effect our operations. While this may limit how we transport goods to the market hubs, this should not keep us from doing so.

We are confident that there will be no corporate losses, and no that sales will continue unabated.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Monthly Statement, May 2010

First, I will start with the good news:

  • Odinsdagrting had its biggest monthly sales with 1,505,359,083.81 ISK in total sales. That is 713,986,025.87 ISK in net sales, and a 69.24% return on the money invested in product.

  • These banner sales produced a per share dividend of 85,622.54 ISK. This is 17.12% of par value (8.87% of book value).

While I am pleased with these numbers, the bad news causes me to stress. For the month of June, I will have to seriously focus on plugging our holes. With sales like this, I would expect a growth of 9.09%. Instead, the corp only grew by 2.48%.

This means the corporation lost about 199,152,800.91 ISK.

I can very easily see that we lost 37,936,369.06 ISK this month in failed invention jobs. The corporation spent 171,524,272.86 ISK on invention jobs but only produced BPCs worth 133,587,903.80 ISK.

The corporation doesn't currently track broker's fees, but it does cover them. Without skills or standings to improve broker relations, the standard fee is 1% of the sales price. The goods listed for sale over the last month cost about 1,465,901,604.36 ISK to produce. If they were listed at the 69.24% return realized for the month, that 1% broker's fee would be 24,808,918.75 ISK. That would be just to list them once. It is likely they are listed for higher than they actually sell, and each time the price is adjusted down, it incurs another 100.00 ISK charge.

Anytime a sell expires and the item has to be re-listed, the broker's fees are incurred again.

This still leaves a loss of about 136,407,513.10 ISK unaccounted for.

Some of that could be losses from fluctuations in raw material prices. The corporation currently has 1,438,030,442.67 ISK in raw materials on hand. I am trying to draw that down, but I still want to keep enough materials on hand that manufacturing will be insulated from supply disruptions. Either way, it is hard to track the losses from the changes in market price. Though, it is something I'm going to try and tune the spreadsheets to detect it.

All in all, I am pleased with the month. I just feel the corp is not growing like I'd like. I want to plug these holes so the corp can put on more value and acquire more BPOs.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Odinsdagrting is Recruiting!!! NEW INCENTIVES!!!

Odinsdagrting is a publicly traded corporation. It currently has 3,200 shares outstanding with a book value of 3,017,841,960.42 (as of May 1st). Odinsdagrting pays out half of each month's profits in dividends. It is with the money from investors that the corporation finances its industry.

We are recruiting for a number of positions.

Sellers: Also called Gull Gaeta, our sellers are what moves the corporation. They are what makes joining Odinsdagrting more enjoyable than going into invention and manufacturing on your own. Gull Gaeta place orders with the manufacturing division for products to take to market and sell. Gull Gaetas are each assigned a market hub. They tend their corporate sell orders and are paid 25% commissions for their sales.

This activity is light-weight enough that the role of Gull Gaeta is perfect for someone interested in running missions. It is perfect for someone to make money with an alt to fund other activities, such as Faction Warfare.

Commissions for this month so far in Dodixie is 78,873,669.13 ISK. That is purely for tending corporate sell orders. This is 78 Million ISK in a month while you do other things such as run missions, anomalies, or mine.

And Dodixie is available for someone who wants to take over running sells out of that region. Jita and Oursulaert are also available, as are others.

Builders: This is the heart. Odinsdagrting is first and foremost an industrial corporation. We build things to sell for profit.

Builders are paid a 25% commission for each item that they build that sells. The beauty of this is, Builders don't have to run around to several different markets to sell their wares. Builders turn it over to the Gull Gaeta. This gives you more free time to do other things.

Mind you, you can be both a builder and a seller. This means you will take capital from someone else, build something off of blueprints from someone else, and be paid 50% of the profit. You don't need hundreds of millions of ISK to get into manufacturing.

Governors: With the introduction of Planetary Interaction, Odinsdagrting is looking to finance enterprising colony managers. We currently have 1 Billion ISK to invest in Planetary Command Centers. Again, you can get into this activity without needing lots of money yourself.

Miners: We are starting up a mining division. I don't want to be a miner, but I have committed to personally running bi-weekly ABC mining ops out of low sec. You may think it sounds dangerous. It is really just pure fun. We belong to the United Trade Syndicate. The Alliance Executor, Escoce, and myself are big fans of operating in low security space. We are willing to help you find ways to be safe.

Mission Runners: We are interested in those running missions for Minmatar or Gallente corporations. Honestly, I think the role of a seller perfectly fits a mission runner's lifestyle. But for those mission runners that just don't want to learn any trade skills, Odinsdagrting still has an interest in improving our standings.

Odinsdagrting has 0% tax. We will forever have 0% tax. This corporation is not like most. It is a business, with employees. And it doesn't make any sense to tax the employees.

Odinsdagrting doesn't offer a ship replacement program, but we will help mission runners get into ships. The corporation is willing to provide corp insured ships to mission runners for the 10% cost of the ship that is not covered by insurance. That 10% cost is lowered as your standings increase with the faction of your choice.

We also offer employees our products near cost.

We have money, we just need people to put it to work. And we want to share the work so no one person has to spend all of their time station spinning. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me in this thread, in game, or at

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Odinsdagrting is Recruiting Missioneers and Industrialists

Missioneers, do you run missions for Minmatar or Gallente corporations? Do you want to avoid corporate taxes? Do you wish to have some extra income on the side?

If so, Odinsdagrting can help you. Odinsdagrting currently builds T1 and T2 Gallente ships and rigs. We employ Gull Gaetas, sellers, to sell the goods. Gull Gaetas earn a commission of their sales. This is a mostly passive income. You'd simply be responsible for posting sales and checking sale prices every two or three days.

To further help Missioneers, Odinsdagrting charges no corporate tax at all, nor will it ever. As a member of an alliance, Odinsdagrting is also much less likely to suffer the interruption of a war. Members also have access to corporation produced ships, modules, and rigs at or near production cost. Odinsdagrting would also purchase some salvage materials above market value.

Industrialists, and aspiring Industrialists, do you seek capital to back your invention and manufacturing? Do you seek capital to back your planetary exploration? Do you seek a distribution and supply network?

Odinsdagrting is seeking Industrialists (aspiring or not) to fill out the branches of invention and manufacturing that we don't currently cover. I could easily learn the skills to build other things, but I want to avoid spending too much of my time building a maddening number of items to sell. Splitting the load among a number of builders will hopefully see to it that we don't all spend our time loading copying, invention, and manufacturing jobs.

With the coming of Planetary Interaction, I'm also looking for people willing to explore and develop these activities. While we don't currently have an active mining division, that is not something I am opposed to if there is an interest, and the corporation would be more than happy to purchase raw materials above market price.

Who we are.

Odinsdagrting is a publicly traded corporation with 3,200 shares currently outstanding and a value of 3,017,841,960.42 (as of the first of May). Odinsdagrting pays out half of each month's profits in dividends.

When the corporation was formed, it was the intention to have two stock offerings. The first one was a private affair between myself and two other investors. We planned for a second, public offering when we felt we were readying to put that much capital to work. With some new members, that time may be near.

This is a copy of the forum thread.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ship Delivery Service

Odinsdagrting is starting a new ship delivery service.

We will deliver any frigate, destroyer, cruiser, or battlecruiser, with fittings even, to any station in any high sec or low sec system.

If anyone is interested, please contact me via Eve mail or at

Monthly Statement, April 2010

March broke the upward trend. April continues, performing with mixed numbers, but still off our high.

February sales were our strongest, with net sales totaling 633,546,589.60 ISK. March fell off that high with net sales totaling 486,098,107.30 ISK. While April's net sales are only 442,028,264.69 ISK, I do feel that April was a stronger month than March.

The manufacturing costs for March was 544,550,053.99 ISK. The same costs for April was 428,809,054.17 ISK. This means, we spent nearly 120 Million ISK less and only made 40 Million ISK less. We even had a return on our investment over 100%.

The thing that really separates April from March was corporate growth. The corporate growth for March was only 2.93%. This was the lowest monthly growth for the corporation. April was a comfortable 10.88%.

April is also exciting in that dividends paid out to shareholders over the life of the company now exceed the initial issuance price of the stock. The value of the company also broke the 3 billion ISK mark at 3,017,841,960.42 ISK.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monthly Statement, February 2010

Sales continue to grow.

February saw 1,447,028,349.56 in total sales with net sales of 633,546,589.60 ISK. The continued steady growth in sales, and of Odinsdagrting, surprises me month after month. I am optimistic that March will be bigger still.

While the raw number of 1.4 Billion in sales is impressive. There is some good and bad news around that. The good news is, that was done in the short month of February, with the last two weeks of the month disrupted by moves.

The bad news is, production and invention were, and continue to be, negatively impacted. Odinsdagrting began a move from Alf to Eram. Just as we were settling into Eram, it was decided we could better integrate with and help the United Trade Syndicate if we moved to Essence. ODNDT now has its headquarters in Yona.

February saw use of an incentive to have others haul raw materials to our production facility. As a result, the corporation now pays five to ten percent above market prices for raw materials. This does cut into profits, but margins are large enough to absorb this. An incentive being introduced in March will be paying for research and manufacturing slots. Again, this should be small enough to be absorbed by the margins. It will be factored in before the dividend is determined.

As to the dividend for February, it was an impressive 98,991.65 ISK per share. That is a 19.80% return on the par value of the stock and a 12.03% return on the current book value of the stock of 822,662.76 ISK.

The company has a whole grew by 10.19% to a net value of 2,632,520,818.97 ISK.

The planned stock issuing has been postponed. We will have a second stock offering, but we've decided to wait until we are ready to spin up a second production line. This will not be during March.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monthly Statement, January 2010

Odinsdagrting crosses 1 Billion ISK in monthly sales.

January saw 1,022,328,840.07 ISK in monthly gross sales. The net sales for the month was 515,874,016.71 ISK. The attractive part of this number is the 133.43% return on investment dollars that represents on the 386,626,345.90 ISK spent to build the goods that were sold.

All of this raises the corporate balance sheet to 2,389,174,896.58 ISK. This is a 10.08% growth over December.

We have begun tracking the costs and success rates of invention more closely. The month of January saw better than expected returns in invention which grew the corp by 40,247,066.44 ISK.

The dividend for January is 80,605.32 ISK. This is 16.12% of the par value of the stock, and 10.80% of the current book value of 746,617.15 ISK per share.

February will see the creation of more shares as part of a second stock offering. It was always the intention during the initial formation of Odinsdagrting to have a two stock offerings. The number of shares and the share price has not been settled.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Odinsdagrting Announces Ship Kits

Odinsdagrting will begin selling ship kits on contract in Dal. These kits will include a ship, modules, rigs, drones, and ammunition. The first kit will be the Minuteman-class Incursus kit.

The kit itself will include:

  • 1 Incursus
  • 3 75mm Gatling Rail I
  • 3 Anode Light Electron Particle Cannon I
  • 1 1MN Afterburner I
  • 1 1MN Microwarp Drive I
  • 1 Initiated Harmonic Warp Scrambler I
  • 1 'Langour' Drive Disruptor I
  • 1 F85 Peripheral Damage System I
  • 1 Small Armor Repairer I
  • 1 200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
  • 1 100mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
  • 2 Small Hybrid Collision Accelerator I
  • 2 Small Algid Hybrid Administrations Unit I
  • 1 Acolyte I
  • 1 Hobgoblin I
  • 1 Hornet I
  • 1 Warrior I
  • 1500 Antimatter Charge S
  • 1500 Iridium Charge S
  • 1500 Iron Charge S
  • 1500 Plutonium Charge S
  • 1500 Thorium Charge S
  • 1500 Tungsten Charge S

While the components in the kit can be used in any number of manners there are some loadouts that were specifically designed around for this kit:

We hope to begin offering a Tech 2 fitted Incursus kit and Enyo and Ishkur kits in the next few weeks.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Monthly Statement, December, 2009

December is done, as is 2009. Dominion had a big impact on the month, and things have still not settled down.

December did see good sales, with 401,437,765.13 ISK in net sales. This, however, represents 18.5% of the company worth. Sales are not growing as quickly as the company is. After monthly dividends, the corporate balance sheet raises to 2,164,341,191.74 ISK. This represents a poor 5% growth for the month.

As with last month, it is expected that growth would be bigger since sales were bigger. There are two factors that I can cite for this difference.

One is Dominion. The changes to the build demands have up-ended prices. Several components that were were holding onto have lost a lot of value. Even at the end of the month, we are still not able to build some Tech 2 ships for less than twice what we built them in November.

Another factor is a misunderstanding in the Invention process. Running an invention job off of a Tech 1 rig BPC will always result in a 1-run Tech 2 BPC, regardless of how many runs the Tech 1 BPC had. However, using a decryptor that gives bonus runs to the Tech 2 BPC will add to 1-run if the Tech 1 BPC was max run. This resulted in some Tech 2 BPCs not being worth as much as I had originally though. We lost a few million in balancing things out.

Sales do now take into consideration sales tax. They do not, yet, take into consideration broker fees. The corporation is also now paying sales agents a commission. This will cut into growth, but should hopefully get others to take on the job from me.

The corporation is also posting sell orders in Dal. We will likely be posting some in Old Man Star, soon, too. Sales aren't very good in low sec, yet, but we are hoping to build the markets.

Dividends for the month of December were 62,724.65 ISK per share. This is 12.54% of the par value of the stock.