Press Releases for Odinsdagrting [ODNDT].

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Odinsdagrting is Listed

Odinsdagrting has been listed on the BSAC Stock Exchange. I do want to point out that a share at the BSACSE is 1/100 of a common voting share. Please, keep that in mind, when reading reports on dividends. Anyone listing ODNDT shares to sell on BSACSE will have 100 shares within the stock exchange for every actual share they register to sell.

I have sold 739 of my own shares on this exchange now (which converted to 73,900 shares within the stock exchange). This brings my stake in Odinsdagrting down to one share shy of 50%.

There are no plans to issue any more shares. But I do encourage anyone who has shares and wants to sell them, to use this venue.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


In an effort to improve communications, I have set up a few channels and am aiming to let everyone know what I'm planning with Odinsdagrting.


In the Neocom, there is now a ODNDT Shareholders channel. This is restricted to current shareholders. If you can not access this channel, but should be able to, please contact me.

There is also a ODNDT Public channel. This is really just a way to get in touch with me when I'm online.

Mailing Lists

In Eve Mail there is an ODNDT Shareholders and a ODNDT Announcements mailing lists. These are not restricted in membership. The first one will likely be limited not to information for shareholders, but information for those that are interested in becoming shareholders, or are just interested in following the corporation's finances.

The second one will likely become an echo of what is posted to this blog.


I invite everyone to our corporate forums. There is a special section just for shareholders. As I notice shareholders register, I will grant them access to the shareholder forum. If I over look someone, please let me know.

I also invite everyone to the Low Sec Forums. They are the official home of the United Trade Syndicate alliance, to which Odinsdagrting belongs, and a forum dedicated to low sec.


This blog is dedicated to the corporation. I do maintain a personal blog and Twitter presence.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Monthly Statement, August 2010

This is our first month with our new capital. We have started to spin up our Amarr/Occult division, and we have seen the first sales from our Caldari/Esoteric division. And sales this month were the biggest we've ever had.

Things are running smoothly, and I hope that September will see sales as strong as we have had this month. I hope that by the end of September, we will have all of the Incognito, Esoteric, and Occult T1 rigs covered, and be selling most of the T2 rigs.

Total sales for August topped 1.6 Billion ISK, making it our single highest month. Total profits from sales was 778,718,667.89. This was split giving a total dividend of 196,535,913.40, or 26,776.01 ISK per share.

The book value of the stock is now at 1,001,724.07 ISK, meaning the return was 2.7%. This is the lowest dividend in terms of ratio to book value, but at the end of our first month with our new capital and we still have 2,661,929,860.20 ISK in reserves that have not been tasked and another 388,996,250.00 ISK in the newly formed Occult division.