Press Releases for Odinsdagrting [ODNDT].

Sunday, September 19, 2010


In an effort to improve communications, I have set up a few channels and am aiming to let everyone know what I'm planning with Odinsdagrting.


In the Neocom, there is now a ODNDT Shareholders channel. This is restricted to current shareholders. If you can not access this channel, but should be able to, please contact me.

There is also a ODNDT Public channel. This is really just a way to get in touch with me when I'm online.

Mailing Lists

In Eve Mail there is an ODNDT Shareholders and a ODNDT Announcements mailing lists. These are not restricted in membership. The first one will likely be limited not to information for shareholders, but information for those that are interested in becoming shareholders, or are just interested in following the corporation's finances.

The second one will likely become an echo of what is posted to this blog.


I invite everyone to our corporate forums. There is a special section just for shareholders. As I notice shareholders register, I will grant them access to the shareholder forum. If I over look someone, please let me know.

I also invite everyone to the Low Sec Forums. They are the official home of the United Trade Syndicate alliance, to which Odinsdagrting belongs, and a forum dedicated to low sec.


This blog is dedicated to the corporation. I do maintain a personal blog and Twitter presence.

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