Press Releases for Odinsdagrting [ODNDT].

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Odinsdagrting Joins United Trade Syndicate

The Odinsdagrting [ODNDT] corporation has joined the United Trade Syndicate [TRAMP] alliance.

We look forward to working with other TRAMP member corporations to build low security markets.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Odinsdagrting is Seeking Suppliers

We are looking to stabilize procurement (and keep me from hauling all over five regions). Check our forum posts:

Odinsdagrting is Hiring Gull Gaeta

We are beginning recruitment. We are currently hiring for sales associates, or Gull Gaeta.

Please, check our ad in the Alliance and Corporation Recruitment Center.

Odinsdagrting [ODNDT] is seeking mission runners who run missions for Minmatar Republic organizations or companies in Minmatar space or abroad to serve as sales associates (Gull Gaeta).

Responsibilities: All Gull Gaeta will be responsible for picking up [ODNDT] produced material from pre-arranged drop-off points, moving that material to assigned market hubs, and selling it for the corporation. They will need to tend these orders every few days to maintain competitive prices. Gull Gaeta's will receive 20% of the profit from their sales as a monthly commission.

Benefits: There is no corp tax, so mission runners can continue to do as they desire and keep the proceeds from their missions. The corporation does build a number of ships, modules, and rigs that it will sell to corp members at or near cost. The corporation can also provide fitted industrials.

Corporation Future: [ODNDT] is looking to expand production and move into low security hubs. We are looking to work with a few other corporations and are currently considering joining an alliance. We have plans to offer a second, public stock offering in February.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Monthly Statement, November, 2009

Odinsdagrting has completed its second month. November was a month that I did not expect to see much out of. I would've been happy if we performed half as well as we did during October. The rest of the corp members are not, yet, in a position to really contribute, and I myself was expecting to be busy with other project.

November turned out better than I expected. This month saw 399,595,878.83 ISK in net sales. Again, this represents just over 21% of the company worth. After monthly dividends, the corporate balance sheet raises to 2,054,870,720.45 ISK. However, this represents just under a 9% growth for the month.

Since sales represent 21% of the company worth, and the dividends paid out are locked at half of sales, then corporate growth is expected to be just less than half of sales. The corporate growth is below where it I expect it to be. There are three factors that I don't currently measure that could easily contribute to this.

One factor is fluctuations in the prices of raw materials. I don't like to carry too much in raw materials, but the month ended with us holding 316,953,546.29 ISK in Manufacturing Consumables. A drop in the prices of some of these could have devalued our inventory.

Another factor is poor luck in the invention process. I factor in the cost of an expected number of invention failures. I am sure that over time, my actual success rate will be very close to the calculated success rate. It is, however, possible that any given month can be more or less successful.

The third factor is broker fees and sales taxes. Ven Tamnej has been the corporation's chief sales agent. His skills are well enough to lower these factors considerably, but they do exist, and they aren't measured.

Dividends for the month of November were 62,436.86 ISK per share. This is 12.49% of the par value of the stock. It is not finalized, yet, but plans for December may see the dividend rate cut as we begin to pay salaries.