Press Releases for Odinsdagrting [ODNDT].

Sunday, June 27, 2010

United Trade Syndicate Under Declaration of War

CONCORD announced today that capsuleer corporation Deaths Right Hand has filed for a Declaration of War against the alliance to which Odinsdagrting belongs, United Trade Syndicate [TRAMP]. CONCORD will sanction hostilities shortly after 10:00 on 28 June.

We do not anticipate this having an effect our operations. While this may limit how we transport goods to the market hubs, this should not keep us from doing so.

We are confident that there will be no corporate losses, and no that sales will continue unabated.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Monthly Statement, May 2010

First, I will start with the good news:

  • Odinsdagrting had its biggest monthly sales with 1,505,359,083.81 ISK in total sales. That is 713,986,025.87 ISK in net sales, and a 69.24% return on the money invested in product.

  • These banner sales produced a per share dividend of 85,622.54 ISK. This is 17.12% of par value (8.87% of book value).

While I am pleased with these numbers, the bad news causes me to stress. For the month of June, I will have to seriously focus on plugging our holes. With sales like this, I would expect a growth of 9.09%. Instead, the corp only grew by 2.48%.

This means the corporation lost about 199,152,800.91 ISK.

I can very easily see that we lost 37,936,369.06 ISK this month in failed invention jobs. The corporation spent 171,524,272.86 ISK on invention jobs but only produced BPCs worth 133,587,903.80 ISK.

The corporation doesn't currently track broker's fees, but it does cover them. Without skills or standings to improve broker relations, the standard fee is 1% of the sales price. The goods listed for sale over the last month cost about 1,465,901,604.36 ISK to produce. If they were listed at the 69.24% return realized for the month, that 1% broker's fee would be 24,808,918.75 ISK. That would be just to list them once. It is likely they are listed for higher than they actually sell, and each time the price is adjusted down, it incurs another 100.00 ISK charge.

Anytime a sell expires and the item has to be re-listed, the broker's fees are incurred again.

This still leaves a loss of about 136,407,513.10 ISK unaccounted for.

Some of that could be losses from fluctuations in raw material prices. The corporation currently has 1,438,030,442.67 ISK in raw materials on hand. I am trying to draw that down, but I still want to keep enough materials on hand that manufacturing will be insulated from supply disruptions. Either way, it is hard to track the losses from the changes in market price. Though, it is something I'm going to try and tune the spreadsheets to detect it.

All in all, I am pleased with the month. I just feel the corp is not growing like I'd like. I want to plug these holes so the corp can put on more value and acquire more BPOs.