Press Releases for Odinsdagrting [ODNDT].

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Odinsdagrting Forums

Odinsdagrting has opened its own forums. This truly focused at corp members, alliance mates, and shareholders, but there is a general forum for anyone wishing to strike up a conversation with any of us.

Monthly statements and other major announcements will still be made here.

Monday, August 9, 2010

An Interesting Bug

When looking at the corporate information for Odinsdagrting, it says there are 4,140 shares. In all actuality, there are 7,340 shares. That is confirmed when I look at the the corporate wallet. Not only can I see all the shares, I can see who holds them.

4,140 is merely the number of shares that were created recently.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monthly Statement, July 2010

This is the first month of contraction, with the corporation losing 920,845.47 ISK. Since the corporation should've grown by 134,787,808.00 ISK, this represents a total loss of 135,708,653.47 ISK.

Inventions did not go well, overall, during July. They resulted in a total loss of 108,359,713.91 ISK. Among the failed jobs were nine attempts to invent Hulk BPCs. Together, they totaled a loss of 163,481,664.96 ISK. That means that the inventions done outside of this were actually profitable.

The loss in inventions does not cover the entire shortfall. That leaves an unaccounted shortfall of 27,348,939.56 ISK.

We opened a new office this month (actually three, two of which we closed). This was 12,370,269.00 ISK in expenses that were not planned on last month's balance sheet and reflect as a loss on this month's.

After all of this, we still have 14,978,670.56 ISK unaccounted for. I am tightening the wallet, but I simply need better tools.

July saw our public stock offering. That actually consumed quite a bit of my time. While I did get to look over such tools as Eve Commander, I really didn't get to dive into a good solution.

I also didn't get to keep production in my division on the pace that I would've liked to. That led to sales not being as strong as I would've liked.

One of our new Gull Gaetas has been unavailable, yet, to begin posting sale orders in his region. The previous Gull Gaeta for that region pulled out, meaning we lost a region this month.

We also had a couple of war declarations this month. While we had no corporate losses, we did have a Gull Geata temporarily leave the corporation. His orders were canceled when he left. That region was not served for nearly two weeks. He has returned, and his orders have been reposted.

While sales were not as strong as I think they could've been, they did cross the billion ISK mark at 1,083,037,584.55 ISK in gross sales. Our net sales was actually quite handsome at 523,143,660.68 ISK.

This lead to a dividend of 42,121.19 ISK per share. While I don't consider that horrible, it is the lowest dividend we have had. Mind you, this was not the worst sales month we've had, but it is the slowest month we've had with our new commission structure.

I will go ahead and put out a warning for August. It will not be as strong a month as I will like. The new capital will be on the books, but we won't be able to apply it all by the end of the month. Since our new Caldari/Esoteric division is coming online this week, I do expect our sales to be stronger in August than they were in July. However, I don't expect them to grow at the same rate that the company will with this huge infusion of capital.

I hope that we can return to somewhere around 50,000.00 ISK per share dividends by the end of October.

The total company value at the close of July is 3,139,980,906.89 ISK. The current book value of a single share in the company is 981,244.03 ISK.