Press Releases for Odinsdagrting [ODNDT].

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Public Stock Offering

Odinsdagrting currently has 3,200 shares of stock with a par value of 500,000.00 ISK. The company has a book value of 3,140,901,752.36, giving each share a book value of 981,531.80. Since there are not active public stock markets in New Eden, there is no clear market value of the stock.

The corporation pays dividends each month equal to 25% of the profit from sales. Since the corporation went public in October 2009, the corporation has paid a total of 648,078.89 in dividends per share.

This means, that any individuals who purchased any of the original 3,200 shares of stock at 500,000 ISK and held on to them, have made back 130% of their original investment and now hold stock with a book value 96% greater than before. The QEN actually shows minor deflation of the same period.

The corporation is offering a second, and final, stock offering. Odinsdagrting will offer up to 4,100 shares of stock to the public at 1,000,000.00 ISK per share. These potential 4,100 shares are in addition to the 3,200 shares already being held and 1,300 shares committed to be sold already during this issuance.

Anyone interested in purchasing stock, please contact me. Please, do not send any money. Just let me know how many shares you would like.

The purchase period will be three weeks. The actual shares will be issued on 2 August 2010. At that time, those that pledged offers to purchase stock will be contacted and arrangements made.

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