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Monday, July 26, 2010

Odinsdagrting Prospectus

This is the first draft of a partial company prospectus. Documents such as this really shouldn't live in a blog. As soon as I get something more suitable online, I'll move it there.

In the mean time, enjoy.

Summary of Odinsdagrting

Odinsdagrting is a Minmatar/Gallente friendly, publicly-traded, capsuleer corporation. Odinsdagrting currently builds Tech 1 and Tech 2 Gallente rigs, frigates, destroyers, and cruisers. We are in the process of establishing a Gallente and Amarr division. We hope to establish an Minmatar division, too.


Odinsdagrting means, roughly, Wednesday Group. This corporation was formed with Marten Scholen, Tuxtoo, and Fyllyn Dywn. It was formed with former college roommates that I routinely see on Wednesday evenings.

The idea for the corporation itself was one I had since my last publicly-traded venture, Prydwen Technologies Group. This was started in the hopes to getting my friends interested in the Capsuleer lifestyle. Regrettably, it didn't take for them.

I remain around as the remaining initial investor in Odinsdagrting. We have moved from our original home in Alf, Metropolis to Yona, Essence to be closer to the rest of our new alliance, United Trade Syndicate.

Odinsdagrting is now worth just over 3 Billion ISK. It has nearly doubled in size from its initial capitalization of 1.6 Billion ISK. Odinsdagrting remains focused on building Tech 1 and Tech 2 rigs, expanding into frigate, destroyers, and cruisers. In addition to expanding into all four races, we hope to expand into industrials, battlecruisers, barges, and battleships.

Corporate Structure

It is my intention to always maintain a simple majority of stake in the corporation. Having that majority does give me the ability to force through any outcome that I wish in a corporate vote. It is my desire, however, to only use this power in votes that affect the protection of corporate assets, such as blueprint lock downs.

As the corporation continues to grow, I wish to put major purchases to a vote for the stock holders. In these votes, I will abstain.


There are three positions within the corporation

  • CEO

  • Jarl: The Jarls are the chief producers in a given division.

  • Gull Gaeta: Gull Gaetas are the sales associates.

There is nothing that keeps anyone from holding more than one position. I, the CEO, am the Incognito Jarl and Gull Gaeta for Essence. Each of the corporations two other Jarls are also Gull Gaetas for the regions they are based in.


  • Sales: This wallet is the corporate wallet that the Gull Gaetas use to post sell orders. I routinely prune this wallet.

  • Incognito Production: This is currently the only active production division, being run by myself. It is focused on Gallente/Incognito manufacturing and invention.

  • Esoteric Production: This is our newest production division. It will be focused on Caldari/Esoteric production. It is currently being staged by the Esoteric Jarl Nara Wolf.

  • Occult Production: This is our next planned production division. It will be focused on Amarr/Occult production. We have not, yet, even established an office for this division. It will be run by Occult Jarl Lucius Cethion.

Business Plan

Odinsdagrting is focused on manufacturing and selling. We currently focus on Tech 1 and Tech 2 rig manufacturing and invention, currently focusing on Gallente/Incognito rigs. We have expanded in Gallente frigates, destroyers, and cruisers.

Odinsdagrting has acquired the Blueprint Originals for our first Gallente battlecruiser, a limited selection of Gallente industrials (those that have a Tech 2 variant), and all Caldari/Esoteric rigs. We are in the process of establishing the infrastructure to bring these items to market.

Odinsdagrting has plans on expanding into Amarr/Occult rigs and ships, as well as expanding into the complete line of battlecruisers.

Odinsdagrting has a network of sales associates, the Gull Gaetas. This division of regions allows sellers to focus on their own region, without being forced to travel to keep tabs on several regions. This network allows us to easily move stock to several markets.

Odinsdagrting purchases all raw materials from the market or from the spoils of private ventures of corporate members at market prices. Over the three months of April, May, and June 2010, the corporation averaged an 84% return on the manufactured goods it sold.


Odinsdagrting currently has 693,202,660.00 ISK in BPOs and 47,211,703.90 ISK in data interfaces. Over April, May, and June 2010, the corporation has had an average of 323,700,533.45 ISK in Tech 2 BPCs, 184,232,288.43 ISK in invention consumables, 1,175,583,748.59 ISK in manufacturing consumables, and 884,452,897.37 ISK in inventory for sell.

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