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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monthly Statement, June 2010

The Good

June saw a gains in hiring. I am now no longer advertising for hiring as I bring the four new Gull Gaeta up to speed.

The boon of this was a rally in corporate sales. We closed June with 1,129,515,745.08 ISK in sales, a lot of that in Tech 2 sales, meaning the return on investment dollars rose to 79.47%.

After paying out 272,676,424.61 ISK in commissions, and 189,706,880.00 ISK in dividends (59,283.40 ISK per share, or 11.86% of par value), the corporation netted 379,413,748.32 ISK.

The Bad

I've been dreading publishing this statement. The good news is very good, but at the end of the month, the bad news is just worse.

The corporation only grew by 1.75%. Given the strength of the sales, I would've expected a growth of 12.29%. The corporation is 326,450,073.90 ISK shy of that.

I've started cutting into the profit margins of sales to compensate for broker's fees and sales tax. The problem is, we have over one billion ISK in inventory. A lot of that is posted in sales orders. The broker's fees for that haven't been taken into consideration.

I've also purchased some researched BPOs. While I pay extra for these, I only count the base price of the BPO when calculating the value of corporate assets. As a result, there is some loss when those purchases are written down to base prices.

The What I'm Too Busy To Do

I have several spreadsheets that I use to run the corporation. They are getting cumbersome and are slowing me down. They are also unable to track everything, and so the corporation has leaks. I want to put together a solid PHP application that will let me track build orders and sales inventories and will interface with the Eve API.

Regrettably, I'm too busy keeping things running to build stuff to make things run smoother. Sometimes I feel like I'm too busy making money to spend it.

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  1. never used this because of the full api key needed, but maybe it can help you