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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Odinsdagrting is Recruiting Missioneers and Industrialists

Missioneers, do you run missions for Minmatar or Gallente corporations? Do you want to avoid corporate taxes? Do you wish to have some extra income on the side?

If so, Odinsdagrting can help you. Odinsdagrting currently builds T1 and T2 Gallente ships and rigs. We employ Gull Gaetas, sellers, to sell the goods. Gull Gaetas earn a commission of their sales. This is a mostly passive income. You'd simply be responsible for posting sales and checking sale prices every two or three days.

To further help Missioneers, Odinsdagrting charges no corporate tax at all, nor will it ever. As a member of an alliance, Odinsdagrting is also much less likely to suffer the interruption of a war. Members also have access to corporation produced ships, modules, and rigs at or near production cost. Odinsdagrting would also purchase some salvage materials above market value.

Industrialists, and aspiring Industrialists, do you seek capital to back your invention and manufacturing? Do you seek capital to back your planetary exploration? Do you seek a distribution and supply network?

Odinsdagrting is seeking Industrialists (aspiring or not) to fill out the branches of invention and manufacturing that we don't currently cover. I could easily learn the skills to build other things, but I want to avoid spending too much of my time building a maddening number of items to sell. Splitting the load among a number of builders will hopefully see to it that we don't all spend our time loading copying, invention, and manufacturing jobs.

With the coming of Planetary Interaction, I'm also looking for people willing to explore and develop these activities. While we don't currently have an active mining division, that is not something I am opposed to if there is an interest, and the corporation would be more than happy to purchase raw materials above market price.

Who we are.

Odinsdagrting is a publicly traded corporation with 3,200 shares currently outstanding and a value of 3,017,841,960.42 (as of the first of May). Odinsdagrting pays out half of each month's profits in dividends.

When the corporation was formed, it was the intention to have two stock offerings. The first one was a private affair between myself and two other investors. We planned for a second, public offering when we felt we were readying to put that much capital to work. With some new members, that time may be near.

This is a copy of the forum thread.

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