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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Odinsdagrting is Recruiting!!! NEW INCENTIVES!!!

Odinsdagrting is a publicly traded corporation. It currently has 3,200 shares outstanding with a book value of 3,017,841,960.42 (as of May 1st). Odinsdagrting pays out half of each month's profits in dividends. It is with the money from investors that the corporation finances its industry.

We are recruiting for a number of positions.

Sellers: Also called Gull Gaeta, our sellers are what moves the corporation. They are what makes joining Odinsdagrting more enjoyable than going into invention and manufacturing on your own. Gull Gaeta place orders with the manufacturing division for products to take to market and sell. Gull Gaetas are each assigned a market hub. They tend their corporate sell orders and are paid 25% commissions for their sales.

This activity is light-weight enough that the role of Gull Gaeta is perfect for someone interested in running missions. It is perfect for someone to make money with an alt to fund other activities, such as Faction Warfare.

Commissions for this month so far in Dodixie is 78,873,669.13 ISK. That is purely for tending corporate sell orders. This is 78 Million ISK in a month while you do other things such as run missions, anomalies, or mine.

And Dodixie is available for someone who wants to take over running sells out of that region. Jita and Oursulaert are also available, as are others.

Builders: This is the heart. Odinsdagrting is first and foremost an industrial corporation. We build things to sell for profit.

Builders are paid a 25% commission for each item that they build that sells. The beauty of this is, Builders don't have to run around to several different markets to sell their wares. Builders turn it over to the Gull Gaeta. This gives you more free time to do other things.

Mind you, you can be both a builder and a seller. This means you will take capital from someone else, build something off of blueprints from someone else, and be paid 50% of the profit. You don't need hundreds of millions of ISK to get into manufacturing.

Governors: With the introduction of Planetary Interaction, Odinsdagrting is looking to finance enterprising colony managers. We currently have 1 Billion ISK to invest in Planetary Command Centers. Again, you can get into this activity without needing lots of money yourself.

Miners: We are starting up a mining division. I don't want to be a miner, but I have committed to personally running bi-weekly ABC mining ops out of low sec. You may think it sounds dangerous. It is really just pure fun. We belong to the United Trade Syndicate. The Alliance Executor, Escoce, and myself are big fans of operating in low security space. We are willing to help you find ways to be safe.

Mission Runners: We are interested in those running missions for Minmatar or Gallente corporations. Honestly, I think the role of a seller perfectly fits a mission runner's lifestyle. But for those mission runners that just don't want to learn any trade skills, Odinsdagrting still has an interest in improving our standings.

Odinsdagrting has 0% tax. We will forever have 0% tax. This corporation is not like most. It is a business, with employees. And it doesn't make any sense to tax the employees.

Odinsdagrting doesn't offer a ship replacement program, but we will help mission runners get into ships. The corporation is willing to provide corp insured ships to mission runners for the 10% cost of the ship that is not covered by insurance. That 10% cost is lowered as your standings increase with the faction of your choice.

We also offer employees our products near cost.

We have money, we just need people to put it to work. And we want to share the work so no one person has to spend all of their time station spinning. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me in this thread, in game, or at

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