Press Releases for Odinsdagrting [ODNDT].

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Monthly Statement, April 2010

March broke the upward trend. April continues, performing with mixed numbers, but still off our high.

February sales were our strongest, with net sales totaling 633,546,589.60 ISK. March fell off that high with net sales totaling 486,098,107.30 ISK. While April's net sales are only 442,028,264.69 ISK, I do feel that April was a stronger month than March.

The manufacturing costs for March was 544,550,053.99 ISK. The same costs for April was 428,809,054.17 ISK. This means, we spent nearly 120 Million ISK less and only made 40 Million ISK less. We even had a return on our investment over 100%.

The thing that really separates April from March was corporate growth. The corporate growth for March was only 2.93%. This was the lowest monthly growth for the corporation. April was a comfortable 10.88%.

April is also exciting in that dividends paid out to shareholders over the life of the company now exceed the initial issuance price of the stock. The value of the company also broke the 3 billion ISK mark at 3,017,841,960.42 ISK.

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