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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Monthly Statement, December, 2009

December is done, as is 2009. Dominion had a big impact on the month, and things have still not settled down.

December did see good sales, with 401,437,765.13 ISK in net sales. This, however, represents 18.5% of the company worth. Sales are not growing as quickly as the company is. After monthly dividends, the corporate balance sheet raises to 2,164,341,191.74 ISK. This represents a poor 5% growth for the month.

As with last month, it is expected that growth would be bigger since sales were bigger. There are two factors that I can cite for this difference.

One is Dominion. The changes to the build demands have up-ended prices. Several components that were were holding onto have lost a lot of value. Even at the end of the month, we are still not able to build some Tech 2 ships for less than twice what we built them in November.

Another factor is a misunderstanding in the Invention process. Running an invention job off of a Tech 1 rig BPC will always result in a 1-run Tech 2 BPC, regardless of how many runs the Tech 1 BPC had. However, using a decryptor that gives bonus runs to the Tech 2 BPC will add to 1-run if the Tech 1 BPC was max run. This resulted in some Tech 2 BPCs not being worth as much as I had originally though. We lost a few million in balancing things out.

Sales do now take into consideration sales tax. They do not, yet, take into consideration broker fees. The corporation is also now paying sales agents a commission. This will cut into growth, but should hopefully get others to take on the job from me.

The corporation is also posting sell orders in Dal. We will likely be posting some in Old Man Star, soon, too. Sales aren't very good in low sec, yet, but we are hoping to build the markets.

Dividends for the month of December were 62,724.65 ISK per share. This is 12.54% of the par value of the stock.

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