Press Releases for Odinsdagrting [ODNDT].

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monthly Statement, October, 2009

Odinsdagrting has completed its first full month, with 341,615,495.12 ISK in net sales. This represents just over 21% of the company worth. After monthly dividends, the corporate balance sheet raises to 1,888,330,599.42 ISK. This represents an 18% growth for the month.

This growth may not be entirely accurate. There were some Tech 2 Blueprint copies included in the assets transferred from Vol Jbolaz. These BPCs were not accurately valued at the time, and thus were not included in the initial 1.6 Billion ISK capitalization. It is not believed that these BPCs represent a large portion of the growth.

It is expected that the corporate growth would be greater than that of net sales. The computed cost of goods produced is based on the highest cost paid for raw materials, not the average. This will result in some gains not reflected in sales.

Dividends for the month of October are 53,377.42 ISK per share. This is a 10.68% return on the initial stock purchase price of 500,000.00 ISK.

The growth and sales for October are below desired levels for steady state operation, but they are quite remarkable giving that most of the month was spent bringing products online and refining internal efficiencies. It is hoped in the future that more capital could be dedicated to production.

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